Single Wheel Flywheel

Currently, we have a single wheel flywheel that shoots bar shots at around 80.
We are using the 4inch wheels with rubber bands and a plexiglass hood.
We have a 25:1 gear ratio with 3 motors.
We are doing a rebuild for worlds that will use 4 motors with the same gear ratio.
How could we increase the distance of the flywheel?
Should we use 5inch wheels?
Is it something with the compression?
I have pictures attached.
Thanks for the help.

I found that putting decorative net on the back plexi almost doubled the distance that our flywheel shot.

Doesn’t that make it functional?

Oh, sorry, I meant the anti-slip matt.

Back in SA worlds, we got entangled with another robot’s mesh. They claimed it was purely decorative, and Kent Denver Robotics has called it decorative netting ever since.

Wouldnt it rip the anti slip mat?

No, not at all.

To make that flywheel shoot farther without changing that much, you would need to have 5" wheels. You could also potentially change the internal gearing to speed (1:1.6) giving a total 1:40 (which 323z had for a while on 4" wheels) and that would shoot up to 3/4 court (one tile cross in from full court) if you have the angle right. Increasing compression or grip on the flywheel would also make it shoot a little farther, but too much compression will kill it.

Ill try that.

How did you attach the antislip mat to the hood?

I used screws and rubber bands to hold it down.

Rubber bands are probably your best bet. Screws tend to rip through the anti slip mat. Make sure the mat is extremely secure, else it will rip or fly off.

@mwang17 I have one more question.
Should there be a lot of compression or barely any with the ball and the hood?
Is half an inch good or is that too much?

Barely any. Less compression gives more consistency between different densities but less distance and lower recovery times.

Shouldnt less compression mean lower recovery time?

No, there is less force on the wheel to slow it down, meaning it stays at a higher velocity, and therefore higher fire rate.

Oh. I thought u meant that the recovery time would be higher so that the rate of fire is lower.

It depends on how your hood is. If the hood is very long like that of 2R or mine then you want as little compression as possible to give energy to the ball, but to not expend energy compressing it. If it is a single point of contact, then the max compression could be about .5", but you ideally want a little less to reduce stress on the motors.