SingVex 2019

The match video for the final of SingVex 2019.

I have gotten permission from the teacher of 8066 for the uploading.

Pardon the background “noise” and comments though… it is in singlish :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you.

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So, we have the 448x design and a 3-stage tilter against 2 of @Codec’s design. The DR4B’s win. I expect to see this change as the designs become more refined.


Interesting that at about 2:25 one ram knocks out a lot of cubes. I want to see what happens with a hit from the back and especially if a dedicaded defense robot with a 6/8 motor base was playing defense.

honestly… i am not sure which is codec or 448x designs…

all i can say is that 8059k did they robot at the end of May / early june… i showed them previous vexiq and ftc games for them to take reference from.

but end of the day, i won’t be surprise to see similarity in designs, i.e. there is only that few ways of taking in the cubes and doing the stacking, etc…

2 Likes this is 448’s reveal, similar to 8059k’s bot this is codec’s concept that was posted to youtube, it has the dr4b and string

and for reference, is from 1727g and it is similar to 8059a


Exactly what I was referring to.

After watching this video I think a dr4b-tray stacker pair would dominate.


yeah… that was a long deliberation between the referees regarding that incident.

the verdict is that they don’t think it is worthy of a DQ., so the results stayed.

in another match, 8059Z, which is a defensive robot (with just a simple claw) rammed into the opponent at the small goal area. the impact was so big that it caused that opponent robot to hit against the stack and caused one stacked cube to fall off. They were DQ-ed because it caused a stacked cube to fall off.

But i agree… it is a pretty grey area/rule… i can foresee there will be a lot of disputes over this.


How many times did it happen when the robot that was being hit was far enough from the cubes to not knock them down? Was it a viable strat to hit from the back or side during collection in the middle of the field?

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sigh… think the rest of the countries should just stop doing our reveals or showing our robots…
looks like only US teams can be the originators of designs…


No! I need that 8059 reveal to get me through my summer build.

(Not that I’m copying you, I’m doing a dr4b personally, but it’s inspirational)


think you can watch the video and see for yourself…

i don’t think the question is the frequency, but is it match-affecting?
and that’s the grey area - it is always difficult for the referees to decide whether is it match-affecting or not… especially when there is no using of video evidence (note: i am not advocating for one… but just simply stating the difficult task that referees have).


we have a different conclusion though…

think a dr4b tray-stacker + a 8059A huge capacity stacker will be the ideal alliance


Well like, the US teams released their reveals first. So they are seen as the originators of the design. If you want credit for a design, reveal it first. This is not to say that @meng’s team(s) aren’t making original designs. It is just to say that in the eyes of the public, the design will be attributed to the team that documents it first.

To respond in edit to messages below, I’m not saying anything about nationality. I don’t know why anyone would think that.

Interesting… personally I’m sticking with a passive for now on my dr4b cause it doesn’t require a tilter motor but I have plans to make the barrel thing extend to increase cube capacity

think this is turning unnecessary ugly…

if you are looking at who reveal what first… then a lot more designs should be credited to my kids (instead of other teams), e.g. nbn single flywheel, itz internal stacker, tp 2bc, etc… in fact, even the dr4b could be credited to us as well (since gateway reveal).
but no… most of the time the teams just credit it to the 1st US team that they saw.

my point is this - there is really nothing new under the sun… as i said - how many ways can you pick up the cubes? vertical roller, side roller, small/large claw? and that tray… gosh… it was around since gateway…
in fact, i wouldn’t even dare to claim credit for 8059K design… it is totally inspired by work done by previous batches of vex participants.

the only one that can claim credit for side-roller intake plus tray is the NZ teams.


I love this, when 1200 Syntax error put string on the top of our elevator intake it was pretty impressive for the time, and now kids are figuring it out all over again to do the same style and same function as our gateway bot.



in fact, I remember my teams were in awe of the 1200 design!!!
I even told my kids - they must visit Sytax Error 's pit to learn from them!!

I just hope I got my point across - there is really not much new under the sun…


Thank you much for sharing. Really amazing all around.

I think it’s obvious, but will they be posting results? As there are no teams actually signed up for the tournament, I would assume not. Just hoping…

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