SingVex 2019

By no means am I saying these robots are bad. But I sure hope this doesn’t end up being the metta, I feel we can do better than this


Of course we can do much better… this is still early season.
I am sure teams will be improving on this approach or someone might even figure out something entirely different and better.

This current robot will not even be able to help us win our nationals to go for worlds :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazing bots, definitely the fastest cycle times i’ve seen with this kind of design. good work :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for sharing! Would you mind explaining how 8059A got their intakes to fold up within the 18" height limit while still being able to have their intakes deploy in front of the robot?

That moment when a new user revives a dead thread

You might not quite be able to tell, but the tray is held in by the intakes, and the intakes are held by the tray. When the intakes spin upward, the tray is pushed up and the intakes are released.


Yeah I saw that, I was just wondering how they got the intakes to be shorter than 18" when folded up (their intakes being long and all) because my intakes have a similar design.

I’d just play around with the rotation point for the intakes to drop down. If it’s low enough, it should fit under 18" even with the intakes pointed up.

lol… it sounds a bit strange - the intakes holding the tray, and the tray also holding the intakes…

but @2775Josh got it right… this was how it works.

this design was a double-fold tray. Think it is just about getting the mounting point and the angle of the tray right.


alright will do, thanks guys for the help, good luck in the rest of the season!