SingVex 2022 - we are (slowly coming) back!

The good news - SingVex (i.e. Singapore VEX Robotics Championship) is back!! And in-person as well.

For the uninitiated, during pre-covid, SingVex was one of the most anticipated early season events.

But this year has been much delayed and a bit messy. The teams only received the new game elements in late September, in the midst of our Singapore schools’ exam period. We only managed to start preparing for it abt 2 or 3 weeks ago.

The number of teams registering will be affected as well. But nevertheless, we are seeing some ex-powerhouse teams making a comeback!
I am attributing this to the reinstatement of worlds qualifications via global skills ranking.

The multiple, serial worlds skills challenge and MS worlds champion - 8065/66 is back in the fold.

8068 is back - they are the one that have always posed a strong challenge to 8059 and 8065/66.

We have a new school joining us for the 1st time as well.

So things are certainly looking good.
Currently we have 35 teams registered for this non-worlds qualifying, mixed event.

Skills runs started on 9 Nov. Actual competition will be on 11 and 12 Nov.

Stay tune on this page - i will be using this thread to update about SingVex.


Great to hear Singapore is back to in-person events! While it sucks to hear that the preparation for this event was a bit of a time crunch for your teams, I have no doubt you guys will do well judging from past seasons’ SingVex events. Really looking forward to hearing how well you guys do, I remember back when I was in VRC anxiously awaiting the current season’s SingVex thread and all the early-season nuggets of wisdom that came with it.


Cool!! Post if one of your teams will be coming to Worlds so we can all book tickets to meet you!


I don’t see the event anywhere on robot events. Is this just a scrimmage?

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As it does not qualify for anything, there is no need to upload event data onto RE. This has been the case since TP/TT.

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Yup…@robocatz is right.

It is unofficial. So in a way, it is a jazzed up scrimmage.
And the host is not charging a single cent for the event. We are hoping to make use of this FOC event to get more teams interested in VEX.

But I guess the “track record” of SingVex and the school rivalries over bragging rights made SingVex into an event that is of high importance (only to the participating teams though).


SingVex 2022 was done and dusted.
Teams are now mainly in the recuperation phase.

Just want to put these points upfront:
Our 1st in-person tournament since end 2019 - Almost an entire generation of VRC students has missed out on this valuable in-person tournament experience.
And looking at the general quality of robots and gameplay, though unofficial, SingVex 2022 will be crucial for teams to dust off the cobwebs and removed the rust in our approach towards robot design and the matches itself.

And not only do we have a new generation of students, we are having almost an entire new batch of officials as well. So SingVex was also crucial in training up our new referees, etc.

It is an unofficial tournament - teams were getting a hang of in-person matches, referees were trying to figure out the complexity of VRC rules and understand the nuances, etc. In fact, it took them 2 or 3 rounds of matches before they interpreted the disable rules correctly.

My main point is - please cut lots of slacks if / when you are watching some of the SingVex matches or recordings. Everyone are still learning. We promise it will be a much improved and better showing (from both the officials and teams) come next Feb - SingNat.

Ok… got that out of the system. So some figures and facts:

  1. Total 37 teams turned up for this mixed category SingVex. I would say about 15 to 16 HS teams and the rest MS teams (RECF - are you gonna revised our worlds spot back from 1 to 3 now?)
  2. Every teams went for 7 qualifying matches. Top 8 seeds did their alliance selection and it was Bo1 from QF all the way to Final.
  3. Scoring was a nightmare - so I can totally understand the need to colour-code everything that are shooting out from the robots. There was at least one match that the match scorer needed to employ the “paper test” to see which part of the string is touching which tile (or not).
  4. Due to a lack of space, there were 2 competition fields and no practice fields. And no having practice field was one of the main reasons why the AWP was almost non-existence. Rarely see any alliance got their autonomous routine right. And eventually most teams didn’t bother about it. (note: not all teams have a field back in schools, so these teams were solely relying on practice fields for their fine-tuning)
  5. We have 7 teams from 8059 and 1 team from 8065 doing catapult. The rest were either flywheels or pushbots. We have 1 wallbot (8059B) for this tournament.
  6. Talking about wallbot, personally I do think it might be a feasible approach for worlds. Of course we are not just talking about a pure wallbot, but one that can do a bit of scoring as well. In fact 8059B scored 110 points for driver skills just by pushing round.

As for the awards and winners - again, please remember - it was an unofficial tournament. The list of awards will not be the same as the official list. We want as many teams to go back home happy as possible.

Tournament Champion Alliance - 8059A and 8059E
Tournament FInalist Alliance - 8059Z and 8065H

Tertiary / High School Division Award:
Gold - 8059A
Silver - 3576A (special shoutout to them - new VRC team in their 1st ever tournament)
Bronze - 6546F

Secondary / Middle School Division Award:
Gold - 8076Y
Silver - 8065G
Bronze - 8059E

Skills Challenge:
Gold - 8076X
Silver - 8059D
Bronze - 8059A

Judges Award Winners:
Adriana Tan (from 6546) - for stepping up last minute to help with the match queuing when she noticed that there was a dearth need of volunteers


I will try to post a few matches from the tournament.
As for robot reveals - it will be totally dependent on the teams’ decisions.

Looking ahead, it will be exciting for the rest of the season and for the next season.

The teachers / mentors from various teams will be coming together to form a “committee” to look into the organising of events and competitions.

So immediate plans that we have:

  1. Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 - Girls Powered Summit
  2. 3 and 4 Feb - SingNat at Stanford American International School (homeground of 3576). We will be getting 2 practice fields in as well. And 8059 alumni have agree to come back and volunteer as referees and officials.
  3. We will try our best to shift SingVex back to June 2023 - it will be back to the good old days.
  4. Nov / Dec 2023 - Looking at the possibility of hosting a signature event in Singapore. Off-hand, any teams will consider flying over to join us?

So is it correct to say that the skills winner (8076X) was using a flywheel? And how many points did the top teams in the skills challenge get, if you don’t mind sharing?

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I think it is a flywheel.

Not sure about the scores. The organiser didnt announce the score and teams were given fixed time slots to go for the skills challenge, i.e. we didnt get to see other teams running.

But I dont think it is high. Again, dont forget - all the teams practically only had less than 3 weeks to prep for this event. And we are talking about mostly beginners teams as well.


Hi, to clarify, team 8076X was actually using a catapult at SingVEX (instead of a flywheel), and they managed to score 146 points in the skills challenge. Relatively low score, but as @meng said above, all of us had little time to prepare. I’ll leave other teams to reveal their own skills scores as they wish.


The final match

Thought there will be some interest in 8059B - our push/wallbot