sissor lift

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to power a sissor lift?

what do you mean? all the motors in vex are powered through the microcontroller and the microcontroller is powered by the battery pack (or battery holder from the starter kit)

if you want ideas for scissor lifts go to the vex forum gallery and search scissor lift and rack and pinion

Search the photo gallery here and/or search YouTube for Vex, Scissor, and Mammoth.

Search is your friend. Please use it.

lol maybe his friend search ditched him…just kidding!!!

Ding Ding! Check my team’s website in my signature for all the links for the Mammoth scissor lift. Check Corpralchee’s pictures for one using the new advanced gears. By the way…how did that lift work out Corpralchee, I never heard?

Well it worked very well for what it was meant for. i.e. it was a good scissor lift however we were not able to incorporate it into a design that would allow us to score on the high goals effectively. When those goals are a moving they are nearly impossible to score on unless you can rope them;) …