Six Bar and linearity

Does converting the top of your DR4B to a six bar make it nonlinear?

No it should still be linear, depending on build quality.

what type of build quality are we talking about, like joint stiffness and that crap or lengths of bars?

It’s both. I’ve seen when you don’t have bearings, it causes some lean, and bar lengths are the most obvious causes of lean.

Ok, but if I brace it properly and use good joints it will be linear?

Linear and crap

It has the same concept as the dr4b just with a 6 bar on top.

As long as the bars of your bottom 4bar and the long bar of the 6 bar on top are the same length, it will still move up linearly.

All that “And Crap” has a lot to do with the quality (being speed, strength, and consistency) of your lift, so I would make sure to pay attention to everything when your building.

“And crap”:

  • Least friction possible
  • Knowing where to use screws instead of axles
  • Stable cross bracing
  • Minimizing weight (i.e. using half c channel, always use aluminum)
  • Optimal rubber banding (should approach an equilateral triangle as the lift approaches its highest point)

You’d be surprised how much all of that affects your lift. This is the type of stuff that lets people run 1:7 hi-speed on two motors and still get the same speed/acceleration of 1:5 hi-speed on four motors.

Know this all from experience. I just wanted to make certain our conversion wouldn’t screw up our driver.

Or axle him up, depending on that and crap

I don’t use axle joints.

and crap