Six Bar Lift Help

Well, I’ve been trying to design a six bar lift in autodesk inventor. I have not been able to understand fully how to create a six bar. I understand how it works, but I still have not been able to design one. I have looked at many pictures. I just don’t know how long to make each piece, how long the middle bar should be, and how the vertical bar in the middle is place. I cannot tell where the center is. I was wondering is anyone had close up pictures or possibly a Inventor file of a six bar.

–Thanks 1028B

Did you take a good luck at the pictures in this thread? The holes are spaced 1/2" apart which should make it pretty easy to get the sizes. I’ve seen this robot in person – it works *very *well.

This picture is a bit small, but you might be able to count the holes from it:

It comes from our tutorial on six-bars at

The length of each piece doesn’t matter as long as the horizontal/vertical members are all parallel.