Six bars problem

Hello ,my team is working on a 6 bars system with two motor on each hand. The only problem is we can’t link the four motor to 1 button in the controller because the vex rules don’t allow us to directly link a Y cable tona Y cable …
What do you think I shohld do? And should I:
-Connect each motor with the one that is parallel to him or
-With the one that is linked to the upper bar of the same side
Via the Y cable?
Thank you in advance.

You dont need to use Y Cables at all. Just plug each motor into a MC29 and then into its own port on the motor side of the cortex Ports 2-9 or plug the motors directly into port 1 or 10.

You can assign more than 1 motor to a single button. If you are using RobotC there is definitely a tutorial on multiple motors to a single button somewhere.

Will definitely try it. Thanks @JustinM