Size limit fitting

Alright, so either I can magically somehow make the screws on the pivot point disappear, or move it back, in which it is too large. Ideas? 20191016_173819 20191016_173807 20191016_173814

Cut the channel holding the rails together in half. And also cut the rails to a shorter size.

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Could you elaborate? Which c-channel What do you refer to as rail?

flip the channel on its side so the 2x~10(estimate) is attached to the rails
Then also cut the edge off the channel so it become a L channel.

That wouldn’t completely fix the 18" though. Any other ideas? I’ll do that though

Make the rails (place the holds the cutes at an angle) Shorted is the only thing you can do.
edit- or you can make it tilt back more.

Still confused. I have this. 20191016_175353 it cannot lean back more

Move the C channel (the one that is above the blue line ) toward the red so it is lower. Then cut everything off above the blue line.

I csnt move it lower because it’s a lock for the flipping up

Is there any way you could place the brace for the 2-bar underneath the arms? That might allow the tray to move further down into the size limit.

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One option would to move the supporting brace circled in blue to the new placement further up the second segment of the tray. Then, on the bottom segment of the tray you can add back the spacing by adding standoffs of the right size.

Bigger ossue: put it on solid ground 20191016_180959

I just did that (20chars)

Can the pivot go any lower? We actually designed a flip that made the height of the 2nd tray lower than the first on our first bot. Let me see if I have images

Okay, i could move it down (shorten the 1st tray) and that would work, but the screws in the blue would get caught on the c-channel (red) 20191016_181359


I’m confused on how that works?

Edit: since its lower how would it lock Into place?


edit: sorry the images are small, we built this bot 4 months ago

That’s fine. If I did that though, the 2nd tray and 3rd stage pivot point would get caught on the rollers, right?

It depends on how close they are to them. If having the ~2 inch lower 2nd and 3rd stage puts it down too low then it might.