Size limit fitting

Okay, i could move it down (shorten the 1st tray) and that would work, but the screws in the blue would get caught on the c-channel (red) 20191016_181359


I’m confused on how that works?

Edit: since its lower how would it lock Into place?


edit: sorry the images are small, we built this bot 4 months ago

That’s fine. If I did that though, the 2nd tray and 3rd stage pivot point would get caught on the rollers, right?

It depends on how close they are to them. If having the ~2 inch lower 2nd and 3rd stage puts it down too low then it might.

Making it ~2 inch lower would make it catch on the intakes here though. Which Is equivalent to shortening the 1st tray. I might do that, but any ideas to have the screws not catch on the rollers?20191016_182359

I’m not sure. If the length is an issue, you could file or sand the screw down but Ive never done that so i’m not sure if the nuts will come off…

Using shorter screws would help. Also, try bracing the 2 bar with a 3 wide c-channel.

Right now I have this…

And these screws will get stuck.20191016_183201

Made it shorter. Fits. This happened. 20191016_185922 20191016_185856 20191016_185851

The intake rollers are still not fitting. Does anyone have ideas? The tray doesnt fit in the other trays because the c-channels with the rollers on them block the tray because the screws on the pivot on the tray get in the way. Seen above

oh yikes, that’s a sizing nightmare. that’s the sorta thing where i’d have to restart and redesign the entire thing. i’d try shortening the L channels themselves, anything u cut from the bottom u can add to the top. but if u dont want to cut stuff, try moving hinges down a few holes until it fits.

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go back to the original design1234 here

I already did that. I shortened the 1st tray so that the flip down fits in the size limit. My issue now is the pivot from the 2nd to 3rd because then the intake rollers cant fold back

It fits in the 18" now, but the rollers dont flip back.

Is there a way to change the hinge/screw mechanism?

sorry I withdrew the posts as soon as I found out but it somehow was still there

what I suggest doing is switch the brace for a 2 wide boxed c channel spaced slightly down from the arms and use standoffs to create diagonal braces that do not raise the tray but helps with compression.

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