Size of VEX Worlds Trophy

We are currently working on our submission for the Future Foundation Robot Construction online challenge, which is a robot designed to deliver trophies at worlds. In the challenge description, it describes the trophy but leaves spaces where the dimensions and weight would presumably go:

Could anyone here help us by giving us dimensions (h/w/l and weight) of one of the big red worlds trophies?


The big black trophies from World Championship are 14" tall, 3.25" thick, and 8.25" wide (35.5cm, 8.3cm, 21cm) and weigh 55 ounces (1.5kg).

The red World Championship trophies are taller and heavier, and I will have those numbers soon. I will post them here and edit the Online Challenge document, too.

To be complete, here are the sizes of “normal” trophies:

10" tall, 2.5" deep, and 7" wide (25cm, 6.3cm, 17.5cm) and weigh 19oz (.5kg).

12" tall, 2.5" deep, and 7" wide (30.5cm, 6.3cm, 17.5cm) and weigh 20oz (.6kg).

These are all measured with a tape and weighed on a digital postal scale, so you should plan for trophies that are slightly larger and heavier than measured, to allow for an engineering safety factor.

Thanks for the quick reply Rick

I now have the measurements of the largest VEX trophy. These are all hand-measured, so we suggest that you follow good engineering practice and allow some margin of error in your designs:

18" tall, 3.5" deep, 8.5" wide (46cm, 8.9cm, 22cm), and weigh 73oz. (2.1kg).