Sizing Box - Touching the Walls


I’m just seeking a last minute clarification regarding the sizing box used at world’s.

The following post describes a situation where if the robot touches the walls of the sizing box it will fail the size requirements:

Karthik’s response was “Robots must be able to fit within the given size constraints. The 13” x 20" rule is firm."

Our robot is exactly 13" wide and fits within a 13" x 20" box. However, as one would expect, a 13" beam in a 13" box will touch the sides. The robot is not designed to expand its width therefore it does not expand beyond the 13" and can fully operate within the 13"x20" box.

It appears the intent of the sizing rule is to allow robots to be up to and including the max size of 13" x 20" otherwise the rules would state the size limits would have to be less than 13" x 20 “. The rule book defines the “Starting Positions” as “The two designated 13” x 20” spots on the field, where Robots must start the match. Starting Positions are bounded by the outer edges of the black lines and the top most outer edge of the field wall.” Rule <G2> b. states the robot must “Fit within a 13” x 20” area, bounded by the Starting Position.” Rule <G3> states “During the Match, Robots may not expand **beyond **the 13”x20” area they were limited to at the start of the Match.” Beyond indicates that the size limit includes exactly 13”.

To clarify this point, is a robot that is exactly 13" legal even if it touches the sides of the sizing box?