Sizing Box Violations With A Tipped Robot

On December 6, I posted this question on the official QnA:

Since it has been well over the time that the official usage guidelines of the QnA state, I have decided to ask it here, in the hopes that I will get an answer. I also have another question regarding this subject. If the robot would be legal laying on its back, ie when it was inspected, could it start on its front after that, instead of having to tip over? Because my interpretation of the robot being inspected in its starting configuration regards it mechanically, as in the mechanisms, rather than orientation, because that would then ban a robot from starting at an angle, or backwards, which is legal due to the unique definition of starting position this year.

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Riley Markley, 15X

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<G5> gets you your starting size and your starting position.

If you expand vertically and then tip over, your robot would have to still be no larger than the horizontal dimension limits of 19" x 11" until you are in an expansion zone per <G13> . The size box does not rotate with your robot. If, as you describe, a violation of the 19" x 11" horizontal dimensions occurred due to the tipping over of a legally expanded vertical dimension, I would interpret the rules as your robot is “in trouble” and you can put down your controller, return the robot to a legal starting position and continue.

As long as the tipping over isn’t intentional for strategic gain or score affecting, it will only be a minor violation.

This is a good spot to mention the common sense aspect of interpreting rules and if you think you have found a loophole, you haven’t.