Sizing rule specifics

My team is unsure whether our robot’s size will be legal. The problem is that the base of the robot is the maximum width allowed, but since we are using a forklift, we need to put the forklift in the back, adding to the width. The argument that it is legal is that I heard that moving parts do not count. Do we need to reconstruct?

Simply put… it MUST fit 18"x18"x18" during inspection and at the beginning of every match. If that is not enough I am not sure what you are asking.

All parts of your robot count toward the size limit. If, when folded, the robot is less than 18in^3, you’re fine. Otherwise, you need to rebuild/adjust.

Darn. I think i can fit the forklift in a certain position. Do I need a passive lock?

Legally? No. It may be helpful for competition, though.

If you create a dropping mechanism and a possible a lock that fits with the forks up… then you are good. It all has to fit during inspections and before each match.

The sizing rules are, simply put:

  1. ALL parts must fit inside the 18" cube in some stable configuration during inspection.
  2. After the match starts, however, there are no restrictions as to size.