Sizing Stations used at worlds

I really liked the sizing stations at worlds this year… as a coach and an EP I would like to build a few of these… does anyone have the plans for these or will VEX make this avail as a kit

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Here is a picture of one of the sizing stations from worlds.


Inspection station with sliding sizer bar and bar storage on top… kids added the slider :slight_smile:






I think the front of your sizing area is 1" too far out. The front should end at the far edge of the black line at 19". This is because the starting position actually includes 1" of space above the wall at the back. So while the overall robot has to fit within 11"x20", the portion contacting the floor has to fit within 11"x19". Checkout the picture in the game manual that shows the starting position and you can see that it ends at the edge of the black line and extends over the top of the wall.

I went ahead and built a sizing box, and created building instructions. It’s simpler than the one from Worlds, and like the one Jamessalvant posted, has an attached sliding bar for the front.

They (VEX) should put a kit together. I would expect that they sell a bunch. I’d buy one.

I can’t find your sizing box on your website, where should I be looking?

We had the same discussion in class while building this… … the robot sizes with no parts overhanging the back wall is and the 1" is transposed to the front where the slider is. The reason behind this was we have a robot in class that has to start backwards in order to fit in the starting box (claw over the back wall) but it was really hard to make sure that during the articulation of the manipulator it never went out of bounds, being that the back wall of the fields have an angle and you cannot just put a straight edge against the wall to see if goes out of bounds. With this setup the robot faces forward and the articulation can be tested and checked using the slider.

To make everything easy, they should either re-design the bin that the starter set comes in to be the same size as the starting box, or change the rule to say if the robot fits in the bin, then it meets the length and width requirements for competition.

VEX doesn’t have a kit for this, but they did post the instructions on how to build it.