SJTU VEXU Change Up 126 (full marks) Programming Skills

VEX World - China Final in Chongqing Province
Highest programming score recorded in robot event.


Wow! That’s incredible!!!


oh my goodness… this is an incredible high bar that you have set for the rest of us…


Impressive programming, even more important to note that no ball ejector was used throughout the whole run!


They did use a ball ejector. Just an arm instead of your standard pooper.


Well the didnt use it in the skills run

To add on, this run was done by a robot using the standard Tank Drive.

I want to know which sensors are used on the robot

I mainly want to know their driver skills. Like I wonder if it is faster and prob is but still max.

They probably just ran prog for driver

Can you do that? Is that legal

Of course. The driver just doesn’t have to anything. It’s just like one big macro.

Just have a “score 126 points” button and make it the prog skills lol


That’s what I thought lol. That’s funny that you can technically do thst and not get in trouble

Is it just me, or does the right side middle have an extra ball?

That is their preload ball.


nah driving is always faster assuming that the driver has had enough practice

Yeah maybe. It’s definitely not always faster but could be faster than the time they currently have. But it’s also a safer bet

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But no matter how good your auton is it is still affected by external factors. A manual driver would be able to atone for that. Also the movements would definitely have better continuity if a driver drives thus improving the time, whereas in programming one would generally sacrifice continuity for ease of achieving accuracy and reliability.

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Yeah driver should be able to fix things but auton allows for the most optimized route. Technically auton should be faster than drive. It’s just vex has simple movements that make a driver good. Automated robots are often more efficient though