We’re team SJTU1 from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, it’s our first year to participate in VEXU competition, good luck for everyone.


Hello, congratulations to all for the production!

A highly competitive robot, I hope everyone on the team can reap good results!

Good luck in the World Tournament!

Greetings from Brazil! :robot::rocket:

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Wow, that robot looks very good! I Look forward to seeing you guys at worlds!

Best of luck!

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What was your motor distribution for your robot?
As far as I can tell by (not holecounting):

  • Anywhere from 4-8 motor drive
  • 1-2 motor intake
  • 2 motor arm
  • 2 motor flywheel
  • 1 motor indexer
  • Pneumatic Actuated Intake Arm (throwback to 8059’s innovate award design)

1 motor intake
1 motor arm
1 motor intake arm
Pneumatic system for cap