Does anyone have any 3D CAD or sketches of a tray-bot and a claw bot? If so, can you replay with some? thanks!

Is this what you mean by claw bot? (If so, just scroll down to the “CAD Files” tab to find the clawbot cad)


i mean like one with a lifting system and a claw that can grip 5 cubes or something

the traybot blue print thing?

yeah and also if possible a clawbot blue print

Sorry, we aren’t going to provide you with blueprints. They don’t exist.
Next best thing is to look at robot reveals on youtube. Read a lot of forum posts. Try to build something of your own, taking ideas from various sources.
There are no instructions here.


If you are looking for references for this season - VEX Robotics has two reference designs online in their download sections - they are a start and can be improved.

Tray bot:

Claw bot:

That is incorrect - VEX does release step by step instructions for the season, but are not optimal…

I’ve seen teams use parts of these designs and made them better.

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