Skills at a state competition?

Hi, a team member and I got into talking about skills at state, and he said, “If they have skills…” Him and I went back and forth trying to figure out if they will or not. We were wondering if it is mandatory to have robot skills and programming skills at a state level event. And if not, why? Thank you.

I’d be very surprised if an event like that does not have skills. But to be sure, find the RobotEvents page for the event, and under the general info tab, in the table on the right, there is Robot Skills and Programming Skills where it will say Yes or No.

As another MS participant I can tell you we will be having skills at state. They will be on the first day of competition.

The problem with RobotEvents is that it isn’t always correct. There was a competition that I attended that was said to have skills on Robotevents, but they never did. Thanks anyways Kevin. And Thank You 4256. Can’t wait to see you at state!

No problem. See you next week!