Skills at Worlds

So I wasn’t sure where to place this thread, but I guess its somewhat of a rules Q&A. I was wondering who exactly is eligible for skills runs at World Championships in April. Is it only teams who are in the top 30 rankings for skills that can compete in the skills challenges at worlds or is it any team who is attending worlds? Another question: For the excellence award at worlds, does the team have to have won an excellence award at a previous regional and if so, does the design award count as well under that requirement? I read that at this link: but I wanted to clarify anyways. Thanks.


Thanks for your message. Yes, in order to be considered for the Excellence Award during the World Championship, teams must have won an Excellence Award at a previous event. Here is the statement from the awards appendix, which can be found here

“At the 2012 VEX Robotics Competition World Championship, only teams that have submitted at least 1 online Design Challenge, have won an Excellence Award at a previous event, have signed up for an Excellence Award interview, and have signed up for a Design Award interview (with their engineering notebook) will be considered for the Excellence Award.”

In terms of the skills challenges, all attending teams will be allowed to participate in the skills challenges.

Hope this helps.