Skills/Bo1 EP Summit Notes

Hello People of the VEX Forum,

For anyone who couldn’t watch the EP Summit live stream, I took notes about Skills and Bo1.

Big thanks to @tabor473 for helping me clean up the notes :smiley:


Quotes are taken from the google link above.

How sad.

Just curious: if RobotC++ is not available with VCS, then what will the kids be able to use? Raw C++? or…???

I’m good with all that.

Watch the EP Summit Stream (when they get them downloaded).

You might not like their rationale - but they have one.


Very clean and concise notes!

Thanks so much for creating this great resource @Unionjackjz1 @tabor473 .

Please tell me this is a typo of some kind.

That is not a typo.

Listen to the full context of Paul C’s remark. He is pretty concise about the objectives of rolling Bo1 at Worlds and the considerations as to why there was a pushback at Worlds. My take away was that that last year’s game was not ideal for Bo1, that this years game is going to be Bo1 for local games and based on the feedback from those events will inform them their decisions about State/Regional/Provincial/Nation events eliminations at end of season.

So whoever this is quoting is contradicting themselves inside the same sentence? Nice.

This point is debatable, but this seems like an upside if you ask me, especially in VEXU where autonomous and autonomous strategy is so important. Being unable to react to, for example, a defensive auton against you seriously hurts teams as it forces them to a conservative strategy or risk losing instantly.

Doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t happen. I feel like using this to justify Bo1 just hurts the argument for it. The best robot should, in theory, always win, or else the integrity of the competition is compromised. It doesn’t mean they do always win, but I don’t see a problem with having the overall best robot have a deserved chance to win.

Same here. At that point you can’t really call it a competition. It’s more like a Showcase.

I suggest ‘VEX Robotics Event’, or ‘VEX Robotics Adult Training Day’.
(Sorry Joseph I stole your joke)

Same sentiment…

mentioned this in another thread…

No. I heard this part of the summit and Paul was very clear about the difference between a “test” and a “beta test”. Explaining the difference was the only reason he brought it up, so the fact that this explanation was omitted from the notes posted above is odd.

So I made an edit to clear this up. Part of the issue is we are writing as the event goes on and these are short notes not a full transcript. The slightly edited version reads

The explanation before while not wrong was just a little confusing. The reason it came up is that Paul’s different statements seem to contradict eachother so the quotes from the talk also can seem to contradict if not read correctly.

Does this mean that if you don’t order before August you won’t get a v5 kit? Or am I just completely misunderstanding this?

It’s difficult to capture dialog nuance in a writeup, but it’s possible to get some of it. I don’t know the exact words Paul said, or how he said it. But I’m pretty sure his intent would have been evident if you heard him speak. I haven’t heard him mince words, or hold back. He’s direct and clear.

For instance, if he spoke this exact sentence:

and placed stress on either “was” or the following “a” the sentence would make perfect sense. And note that those two stresses mean slightly different things. He might also have stressed “beta”; that’s probably the simplest way for the sentence to sound normal and reasonable when you hear it, but look non-sensical when written with no italics or bolding. Both italics and bolding, I’ll note, are available here and in google docs. To avoid the appearance that you’re trying to make Paul sound like he doesn’t know what he’s saying it would be worth quoting what he actually said and adding the stress wherever Paul placed it.

I know that’s a lot more work and would slow down the quick transmittal of initial information. But it would be better not to substantially misrepresent what the leadership says, even in the interest of quick response.

Not quite correct.

Paul estimated that they’d start shipping around the 2nd week of August, with a backorder that’d probably last to the end of August.

With regards to the beta test, test thing. Being at the summit, I understood exactly what he meant by it and agree with it.

In context at the summit with what I’m listening to, it makes sense.

I take it as those orders that were made to date (today) are likely to have their bundles shipped by mid-august. (focus on competition teams who “need it”), then everything follows. If you have not sent in your trade-ins, your orders will follow.