Skills break 100 points

I uploaded the video of our 103 points driving skill.

Very very impressive… I just watched it 5 times… and I am still speechless. Looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us to be on par with you guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice! That’s exactly what we do, except we don’t hang for the extra 15 points :wink:

Nice work, however there were at least four seemingly intentional SG8 violations in this run. The two super obvious ones are the maneuver of grabbing the two Bucky Balls underneath the Hanging Bars and driving into the large balls nearest, knocking the Bucky Balls off the bump.


I disagree because of some of the Q&A answers in regards to this subject. For instance, pushing a large ball to knock bucky balls off the bump and into the middle zone is not a SG8 violation. This is clearly stated in these two threads.

This thread shows that during the driver skills challenge possession will be ruled more leniently, the same way as during the driver controlled period of a match. Although, I do see how the maneuver at around 44 seconds could be considered illegal (the robot seemed to go out of its way slightly to push the bucky balls. Had they been directly in the path to the stash, I do not believe it would have been illegal).

Edit: Actually even here the robot seems to be hugging the side of the field more to knock off the large ball than to push the buckies, so it appears legal.

I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing these Q&A threads out. It’s hard to follow when there’s a hundred SG8 threads.


I agree with what you said before, and even this at 44 seconds doesn’t look illegal to me. The driver just turned around and went straight to the large ball, nothing looked like he went out of his way to push them. Nevertheless, Congrats 7856A on the awesome run!

Incredible run, 7856A. Congratulations!

C’mon you can do better! That’s only twice as good as our best! hahaha

wow, beast! (y)
keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

yeah so our robot has the same capabilities and we are gonna do this next match. I apologize for copying. but seriously, this is really clean strategy and I will use it until I can beat it.

I am just going to point out that this is currently the highest scoring robot in the world and you probably should as the expression says “put your money where your mouth is.”

Perhaps I’m just tired but why is that expression applicable in this situation?

Very nice.
Can’t believe I hadn’t thought about knocking off the big balls balls without raising the lift, considering my team’s design has a very similar hook.

So now we have to figure out how to beat it, right? :wink:

Frydaddy is claiming that his team can tie or beat this, presumably due to similar robot designs.
Tabor wants to see it before any claims are made.

I don’t really get it either?!

EDIT: Oh I see. Well I should add that it should theoretically have the same capabilities (low hang w/ large ball, goes over bump, picks up 3 bb’s at a time, knocks off large balls while driving under the barrier [or with lift]).

Very impressive! Looks like our team still has some work to do!

Being able to complete a task, and being able to complete that task quickly enough to score 103 points in robot skills are two very different things :).

Congratulations 7856A, absolutely outstanding work! I can’t wait to see what kind of scores you’re getting come worlds!

Exactly! Our robot will complete each of these tasks with ease, but it sure can’t do any of them fast enough to score much over half of the 103 score. I am sure this score took a huge amount of practice, awesome hand and eye coordination, and a great strategy. This robot in my hands would most likely never hit or get much over 70 points!

Completely agree .