Skills Challenge at WC

My team qualified last night for the World Championship by advancing to the semi-finals. I wanted to know if my bot would be able to compete in the skills challenge, both programming and driving, at the World Championship. We have competed in both challenges but have never won any of the events. I apologize if this has been answered in a different thread or if I overlooked it in the rules. I also looked on the WC FAQ and didn’t see anything about it.

If you are invited to register for the VEX Robotics World Championship, you may participate in all the events at your grade level (VRC high school, VRC middle school, VEX U, VEX IQ), including the main tournament and both Skills challenges. Congratulations, and we all hope you have a great time.

Great! Thank you for the reply, it’s only our second year for VEX and first time for Worlds so this is all very new. Thanks again!