Skills Challenge Deadline???

I think I may have posted this in the wrong section so I’m reposting it because I really need an answer guys!

Today my team went to a last chance skills challenge tournament and we scored 28 in the Programming Skills Challenge. We are under the impression that all scores and submissions will be ended on March 4th (tomorrow).

Our score hasn’t been uploaded yet and my team hasn’t qualified for worlds yet. We are really pinning all our hopes on this, as it is our last chance to qualify, and we are pretty disappointed that our scores havn’t been uploaded after all of that hard work.

I was just wondering what the cut off time is to input the Skills Challenge scores?
If the scores aren’t in by tonight will we lose the chance to qualify?

Thanks for reading and please post back soon so I can make sure my team qualifies.

If you attended an official event on March 3, your score will be included in the World Championship skills rankings. Good luck!

Ok thank you very much!

Rick, I am the advisor for the 569 teams and I sent an email to the Hesperia skills challenge organizer and this was his response:

Results have been uploaded to vex and I sent an inquire to Gerhard to make sure they get posted
thanks Jay

Not being familiar with how this system works I’m just wondering when we could expect to see them. Im not sure if scores are updated on Sunday or not but with the deadline I thought it would be safest to ask. I have to set up a lot of meetings and get things in order with a second team from our school qualifying. Not to mention that these students are awfully anxious to see their score posted. Thanks.


Kevin - is that event RE-VRC-12-7672: Last Chance VEX Skills Challenge?

Yes. That is it.

I’ll send you an email.

Hi Kevin,

Do you know how many teams scored above 22 at "Last Chance VEX Skills Challenge ". Our team is hoping to stay in the top 30 with 22 pts scored.


At this tournament ( ) my team (569C) was one of two teams who attempted the programming skills challenge. My team scored 28 and the other team scored lower then 20 (I don’t remember the exact number).

Great!! Thanks and good luck to you.

Thank you very much!