Skills Challenge Predictions

What do you think that the top 30 world scores will look like when it closes on March 4? I am guessing that the driver skills will be low 40s at the top to low 30s at #30. I think that the programing skills are going to be about where driver skills are now, with the top at upper 30s and #30 in the mid 20s.

I’m guessing the driver skills scores are going to top out at just over 40, qualifying at the low 30s. I think the max possible score for the skills challenge is 45 (6+doubler X2, 7 other bonus points, 3 left over), and I don’t think anybody will have time to completely clear the field. However, feel free to prove me wrong.
Programming will probably reach mid 30’s, qualifying at mid 20’s.

I definitely think your programming predictions are a bit ambitious. The objects being directly in front of the goals makes programming rather difficult. I think this is why many teams will be just programming based off of match loads leaving a max of 16 if I’m correct. I think this is around where the low score will be.

um no offense but I completely agree with the first poster. I feel like driver skills will be near perfect, while programming skills will be high 30’s. (This is at the highest level) He was not asking what the lowest teams will be able to program, he was asking what the top 30 will look like, and just because many teams can’t program in the high 30’s doesn’t mean that its not possible. I personally hope that someone can can a perfect score. Well at least score all the objects because sometimes getting all those objects into the goals is pretty difficult.

I was saying the lowest of the top 30.

oh i see. well i still think that the lowest of the top 30 should be at least high 20’s due to the fact that its pretty easy to get a score of 20 with minimal programming.

I think that driver skills will probably qualify mid to low 30’s all the way to low 40’s and programming will probably reach the low 30’s to the low 20’s.

Thor, I’m just curious but how many points are you planning on scoring in programming? I would assume more than 2.

LOL i expected you to look that up. Well, unfortunately at the last competition we went for i think it was 26 but the venue had much different lighting so our line followers weren’t working correctly. We had it working on the field we had but it failed at the competition. Hopefully by the end of the year we will be able to show some of that. To answer your question fully I would hope to score somewhere in the mid 30’s in programming skills if all goes perfectly.

Maybe this should be a thread unto itself but I’ll tack it on to here…

Anyone know about how many of the top 30 ranked teams already have their ticket punched for worlds? And if Vex will go down further on the list to fill the 60 spots allocated to skills?

Many teams may have had their qualification through another means like:

  1. Excellence awards at a tourney
  2. Tournament champions at a larger event (or other winnings at a really large event)
  3. Ranking in the top 30 on both lists making one extra
  4. Winning their league

Will Vex folks go down further in the list for those 60 spots? Or allocate them out to countries somehow? They say this about more spots but how is it to be enforced? “each country/state will then be granted a 20% increase in their number of qualifying spots”


Hmmm well seeing that there are only around 165 teams signed up so far, and many of the top 30 of programming and driver skills have already qualified, and also the high cost this year maybe only about 250 teams will be signed up so I’m guessing that if you really want to go to worlds, just sign up on the wait list and you will probably get in.

I wish we were close so we could do that :frowning: Im panicking because we still havent qualified :stuck_out_tongue: its hard to in NZ because its only NZ Nationals and world cup when you can qualify this year… And nationals is like a month to before worlds so its hard to get flights and accommodation organized D: it also means we have to pull out all our little tricks we have at nationals instead of worlds :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well, we might miss out this year :stuck_out_tongue: if we do we will try our best to get there next year :stuck_out_tongue:

What??? Anyone can sign up for the world championship waiting list… This year they made qualifying much harder so there is bound to be at least 10-20 teams that can qualify on the waiting list.

Yes, but its too hard to organize a trip in so little time after we find out if we got in or not :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that’s true, but they would probably announce who can qualify around a month and on week before the tournament since people who qualify from tournaments after march 1st only have 1 week to register. Anyways, it’d be awesome if you could come. Many of our members were really impressed by your autonomous.

In the past, gaining multiple qualifications (for example winning multiple tournaments, or winning the tournament AND skills) has not meant that the qualification is given to the next team down, so historically there isn’t much of a reason to keep going down the list so that 60 teams qualify through skills. Also one of the main reasons for changing the qualification rules was because the World Champs was starting to get too big, and they’re trying to limit the number of teams competing to a reasonable amount, so if they need to restrict the number of teams then it’s more likely that they’ll keep the skills to top 30 in each category only.

However, you should probably ask this question in the World Champs Q+A so it gets the attention of someone from RECF and they can give you an official answer.

Bob’s a pretty smart guy…

Yeah last year there were around 104 teams per division so around 420 teams but this year there is only room for 320. But the qualification guidelines are so much stricter this year that maybe not even 320 teams will be able to qualify or afford it so their plan of trying to limit the number of teams may have backfired. It is especially difficult to qualify in very competitive areas such as in California or the New England area so new teams have less of a chance of qualifying. Hopefully they can get a new system going that gives new teams better chances of qualifying.

At risk of derailing this thread and turning it into an argument about the merits of allowing more or less teams to qualify for the World Champs…

I don’t think they’re going in the wrong direction. We have to remember that the World Champs are the WORLD CHAMPS. It’s meant to be the best of the best, and the standard of competition has to be very high. The competition isn’t everything, but if you make it too easy to qualify for things like World Champs then it disincentivises the students to do well at their local competitions, which largely defeats the purpose of Vex (using competition to basically trick students into learning =P). Would you say that the Olympics should be easier to get into, and that they should let new athletes compete? Of course not, and the Vex World Champs should be treated the same.

Additionally, as nice as it would be to let any team from Vex go to the World Champs, there are logistical issues that simply prevent RECF and IFI from opening the doors and letting everyone in.

In terms of the cost, I’ve just done most of the costing for our trip to Worlds this year, and it is not significantly more expensive than last year’s Worlds once you take things like the GET Travel accommodation prices into account, which more than account for the “extra” $250 in registration fees.

Remember that Vex is growing every year as well, with more teams in more regions with more tournaments - I don’t think there will be any problems filling up the quota for qualified teams this season.

How do u see how many teams are signed up? Ive been trying to find something on robot events but no luck so far.