Skills Challenge Ranking

Looks like the both skills challenge rankings are not up to date. Several high scores from past tournaments I know of are not there. Just wonder how accurate the current rankings could be if many scores from some major events are missing.

As far as I know, it is the tournament organiser’s responsibility to ensure that the tournament manager results/files are uploaded to the correct website. If you think your score is missing, first step would be to contact RECF, either through the appropriate official forum or by e-mail, and if the TM files haven’t been uploaded then the second step is probably contacting the tournament organiser (unless RECF says that they’ll contact them for you).

Our results from Saturday aren’t up either.

I believe it takes RCEF a few days to approve all the events as when I uploaded an event it took 2-3 days for the scores to be displayed publicly as from what I’ve heard all tournaments are thoroughly checked to make sure everything is right for qualifications so the results from this weekend might be up over the next two days

If it has been at least a WEEK, and you think the scores for your event aren’t posted, send an email to, with ALL THE DETAILS of the event (location, city, state/province, name of event, and – preferably – the event code) and we can look into it for you.

PLEASE, do NOT send an email on Tuesday that the event from last Saturday has not been uploaded yet. Give the event partner a few days to take care of it before you freak out. :slight_smile:

Our scores for our event were up the night of the event. I don’t know if this is abnormal though.

There’s no manual approval process for results. If an official event submits results, they’ll appear in the rankings in less than four hours after the submission. Most events that have internet access typically submit their results immediately after their event, while others usually submit a day or two after.

Here is the sympton observed: if your team make the rank list the very first time, the result shows up right after EP submit it, but an improved score in a subsequent event doesn’t show up to replace the old one at all. I am wondering there might be some kind of system issues there (sorting? score update logic?), but not sure.

Will do as Rick suggested to contact

I just did some spot checks of some teams who have played multiples times and have improved their scores. Their updated scores from subsequent events are showing in the list and have replaced their earlier scores.

I would like to report back that there is no system wide issue with skills challenge rankings. Our case is an isolated one. The skills challenge scores could be missed when the tournament results are uploaded. Just contact the event organizer to make sure all results are submitted.

I know IFI and RECF people are working diligently behind scene to address any concerns, real or not. They are truely the best we can have for our great VEX community.

I think there may be a bigger problem with the RobotEvent system and Robot Skills Scores. I did upload a Tournament to the system last December and while it took 2-3 days for the scores to be uploaded onto the rankings (Not sure why), it was noticed today that one team which did compete and obtained a good robot skills score hadn’t been placed onto the website (an event was hosted today when it was brought to our attention) - They were interested as to why there score wasn’t placed on the rankings while two other teams which competed did have their scores placed on the rankings.

I do have a copy of the tournament and it appears some other teams have also not have their scores uploaded. The team in question had registered and they were able to be registered for the event without problem (though one team number was failed to be recognised after registration). Is there a problem in which some teams don’t have their scores placed on the rankings for one reason or another while others do?