Skills Challenge result haven't been sent in yet

As the title says, this past weekend, QCC hosted the VEX New England Championships, RE-VRC-12-7225, but I’ve noticed that the skills challenge results have not been uploaded to RobotEvents. Since I saw the email, informing us of the change to the Programming Skills, and that all teams with a score of 21 qualify, I would really like to know if the results from QCC do get uploaded, will the teams that scored 21 there also qualify for worlds?

On what date did the tournament take place? Any tournament after Sunday would not qualify.

It took place on March 3rd (Saturday)

Oh yeah, and what godzilla said. I forgot to put it in.

my teams run was on saturday as well and took a day to get in. We received an e-mail saying that the scores up now are final.

Rick Tyler said the scores were final in a forum post, but then I messaged him saying that the QCC scores were missing.

He said this to me:

well it looks like he will take care of it for you. what did you score?

21 :smiley:


looks like you just got in there. Did you hear that the programming skills for worlds has changed?

Yes. :smiley:


i wish it would have stayed the same since it is a little late to be making major changes this late in the season, but I like the new set-up more.

I like the new setup because now there is a reason to use all of the sensors by team mate threw on our robot. I am looking forward to doing some real programming instead of getting mad at myself every time I miss repositioning the robot.:slight_smile: I will be busy between now and worlds.

What? there is a new format? Where can I find it? It wasn’t on the main Gateway wiki page.

I do not know where to get it, I received all the info in an e-mail.

It was in an email to the team leaders from the RECF off of

Thanks! Hmm it seems a lot easier since everything is on a line. I think they changed it cause it was too easy to reposition your robot and get 30 points. Now I can take out some extra lines of code.

Yeahh, we actually can use all of our sensors now! And trust me… we have a lot of sensors, and we will be adding more, to max out all of our ports, tomorrow.

The only problem is that we can’t use line following sensors because we made our robot able to drive over objects. I didn’t think that we would need them when I designed it.

my team just ran into the same problem. Just last week we made a drive over chassis and now we need to make a new one.

same here, we were able to get around that though.