Skills Challenge Scores Posting


Our team, 254D, ran a skills challenge (Robot Skills) at the Modesto Sack Attack Tournament on December 1, but the score still has not been posted. Therefore, I am asking:

  1. Is it normal to have the scores up rather late?
  2. Should our team be worried about the score not being posted at all?

We have contacted both the tournament coordinator and Mr. Morella on this issue, but nothing has happened/been resolved.

Eli Wu

Is this RE-VRC-12-8095, the Central Valley Sack Attack Tournament? This event was held in Modesto, but it was on Dec. 8, not Dec. 1, so I want to make sure we are looking into the correct event. The “display results” switch had not been set for this tournament, and now it is. You can see the results at The World Skills Scores are not updated instantly, so check them tomorrow, and make sure to post here if you see any problems.

Hi Mr. Tyler,

Sorry, but I still cannot see our score on the robot skills global page :frowning:


Thanks for letting us know. We are working on the problem and will post here when the results are posted.

The skills scores for the Modesto event have been posted. Thank you for your patience.