Skills Challenge Tournamentt in NORCAL


Our club is planning on having a Skills Challenge Tournament in Norcal( Tracy, Ca) and was wondering if other teams were interested in joining. As of now we have 5 teams entered, but we need 16 to make it official. Please reply back if you need more information about it. Thanks you.

Um when is it going to be?

Feb 25. thats when it id gonna be.

so is this only for running “skills challenges”?
(drivers, programming)
or will there be 2v2 matches also?
sorry, you just got me a bit confused :slight_smile:

It’s just for skills challenges. We might go if we decide not to go to Dougherty Valley because we want to test out world robot and program.
(Note: murdomeek, we have skills challenges because California has probably used up all of its qualification spots.)

254 is certainly interested, but we still don’t know whether we will be hosting our own skills challenge.

How many fields will there be? And how long would it run?

It appears I cannot respond to your message, so:
We were looking at either going to the San Ramon skills challenge or hosting our own challenge, but with San Ramon a full tournament (in both senses), we are considering participating in your skills challenge.
We have 8 registered teams, but we will probably only send 6 if we do decide to go.
I’ll talk to our mentor and see what our options are.

Thanks a lot for the responses.

@FirePheonix- Please contact me if you go or plan on going.

@ Dontworryaboutit- Thanks a lot. I’m not sure about how many fields. I’ll get back to you about that.

I know at least two of the 5327 teams would be interested in going. I’m not sure if we will be able to however but I will definitely bring it up with our club president and advisor today.

@EAKC- Alright: thanks, if you don’t mind, can you get back to me ASAP? Thanks a lot.

Will do! We have a meeting after school today so I’ll let you know at about 4 today.

Sorry!! I know that this is about four hours later than I said I would let you know but I just got home (from a robotics meeting ironically).

As it turns out, we will not be able to send any of our teams to your skills tournament. Our schedule is packed through the end of February. I’m so sorry!!

I’m pretty sure that all 3 of our teams will be going. Just wondering, what will probably be the cost per team?

I think that we will probably unregister from the San Ramon Tournament (if its possible) because there is a lot going on that weekend so you could probably squeeze in 2-3 of your teams if we are able to.

Sorry for the late responses. We are going to have 2 fields and there would be a fee of 10$ per team. As the matter of running, Im not sure. Probably as long as the teams want, but no later than 3-4 pm.

Okay. Here is the page with informations;

Any comments or questions?

If we can find a team mentor who is available, we can bring our teams. How sure are you that it will get 16 teams signed up?

@dontworryaboutit- Yes, if you join we would only need more teams. I am sure if 1000 signs up( 3 teams) and another school we should have enough. In answer, Yes

for a sec, i thought i read “if 1000 teams sign up” XD

Haha I love our number :smiley: Yeah our teams will definitely go, its just our team captain is extremely lazy and always signs up at the last minute.

Wow… you made registration free. lol I’m pretty sure plenty of other teams will sign up now.