Skills challenge winner

OK so what would happen if say multiple teams both scored the max points (correct me if i’m wrong) of 31 on both programming and driver skills(total 62 points)? With this being such a low scoring game I suspect that later in the year at competitions this might occur. who would be considered the “winner” for skills challenges if this were to happen?

The skills manual lists a number of tiebreakers. Ive wondered, though, if the skills rules might change later in the season so that if you flip all the red to blue, you then try to flip it back to red.

They thought the same with star stuck at this point in the season. There is only one minute and plenty to do. If we start seeing a bunch of perfects they will probably modify it in the WORLDS update, but I feel that’s pretty unlikely.

You can score 15 points for flags, 14 for caps, and 6 for a center park which adds up to 35. So the max combined is 70.

VRC Hub!!!

Ah I see. I also use VRC hub,Its quite useful. I just managed to mess the score up