Skills Challenge world qualifying point guesses

If all sacks, excluding wall sacks, can be scored, then the ceiling score for driver skills is about 300, depending if any bonus sacks can be scored on the high goal. I believe this ceiling could well be raised further with a purpose built driver skills robot, built very light and fast with no capability to push or descore or score autonomously and with all motors geared to overheat after 65 seconds :smiley:

For driver skills, wall sacks would appear to be slower to collect, as most of them are a further distance from the troughs. I don’t think the same will apply for programming skills though, because it will be very difficult to score sacks on the far side of the troughs, hence wall sacks will need to come into play.

From memory, in Gateway a score of 28 qualified drivers skills, with a high score pre Worlds of 41 (by 2915A). Applying this ratio to Sack Attack, an estimated high score of 300 would suggest a score of 205 will qualify. Mind you, if more teams push to qualify through driver skills this season, it could well be higher.


Here are my thoughts :

Driver Max : 450-500
Programming Max: 250-300

Driver Qualifying : 250-275
Programming Qualifying : 150-200

I’m betting that one or two teams will solely build towards Driver skills, hence why I think the score can reach 450+ (I wouldn’t be surprised if that went even higher either).

270 Qualify for drivers,
170 for programming…

It is possible to attain 170 points for programming skills even by scoring only in the troughs and not touching the wall sacks. (this is assuming all the sacks get into the troughs)

Yes it is. The only reason why programming skills scores are lower is because it takes more time to run the robot… What would be really impressive is if the programming high score was higher than the driver skills one.

I think this game has the highest possibility of a programming skills out scoring a driver skills. That being said, I still think that the max programming skills will be around 250-300

Well, if you could record all the movements on your robot during a driver skills run which got over 220, then play it back in a programming skills run… Of course, this is assuming your robot was reliable enough.

Welcome to the forum, 7682! :smiley:

I think some forum members have tried that method before with interesting results, although I could be remembering wrong. I think their conclusion was that a recorded autonomous was just less reliable than a primarily sensor-controlled one.

Still an awesome thing to be able to do.

super stacker anyone? :wink:

Probably not a very feasible idea unless someone combines it with a trough blocker.

Anyways going back to the original topic, I think that the cutoff for programming will be around 160-180 and the cutoff for driver skills will be around 250-270

I think he means for skills. The highest score you could get in skills would be done by stacking as many sacks as possible on top of the wall dividing the two high goals, making them count double.

Super stacker only needs to lift 50-60 pounds 18 inches high to score into a trough, that shouldn’t be hard sarcasm Not to mention you have to be able to drive with that weight.

i think you ment to say 30"? :wink:

Judging on how well it worked last time…

I think it will be much higher than this. Just like last year, I think LOTS of teams will be working VERY hard on trying to master and perfect huge scoring Driver/Programming Skills runs.

I think programming skills will be over 200, and driver skills well over 350. The high for driver skills is already at 270, so I think it will continue to get better.

My 2 cents!

There is a whole lot more variance in the game this year. The sacks pose a huge challenge in both programming and driver skill because they react differently each attempt.

Tis true, but still, I think teams will perfect their intaking, and skills runs.

Hmmmm, maximum scores possibly over 350, i think the lowest qualifying will be around 260 or so though for driver - unless lots of teams come out with special skills bots or something