Skills Challenges at Pan Pacific Championship

I was curious when the skills challenges were going to occur at the Pan Pacific Championship would occur.

I received an agenda for the three days, but it did not the skills challenges at all. Thanks.

The final agenda will be sent to all teams participating at the Pan Pacific Championship tomorrow, but the majority of the skills challenges rounds will take place on Friday. Teams that are ready on Thursday may be able to run a skills challenge round if they have passed inspection. There will be a team/driver meeting on Thursday afternoon at the event to cover the full schedule and agenda which address any questions you might have, and teams will be able to ask questions at that meeting also.

Look forward to seeing everyone in Hawaii, it should be a great competition!

For teams that are not able to arrive on thursday, will there be a drivers meeting on friday morning also?

Yes, there were driver’s meetings on both Thursday night and Friday Morning. The main meeting was Friday Morning to ensure all teams got a chance to listen.