Skills Challenges at VEX World Championship 2013

Lynfield College (high school team) 2915A just scored 400 points in Robot Skills. Congratulations!

On Wednesday, Singapore Combined Schools team 8065A scored 205 points in Programming Skills. Congratulations!

Did we get a recording of this?

I wish they competed in the Head-To-Head in the Dome.

Ditto to both of these. I missed seeing the head-to-head matches this year. As I was watching online, I didn’t get a chance to see the skills matches. :\

Video of our 400pt run is here: 2915a Sack Attack 400pt skills - YouTube

Sorry about the low quality D: hopefully someone else got video too?

That is just, remarkable! Congratulations on building such an incredible robot!

I also loved the head to head skills and hope they have it next year. Anyone else thinking vex should have asked on the forum before getting rid of it?

Also it was amazing seeing lynfield jack attack improve all season and the 400 was just brilliant. I think Robert got a video as well.

I got 1080p video of it jack :slight_smile: ill upload it soon

Another video of the 400 robot skills

Wow. I watched 5 times and I was amazed each time. Wow.

The elimination matches of sack attack got a bit boring, but this skills challenge would have been awesome to see on the main stage !

Congrats on the amazing driving and robot design !

That is terrifying. :smiley: