Skills Challenges for Worlds Qualification

After reading the new rules on how to qualify for Worlds this season, I’m wondering…

  1. If the top 30 scorers in the world for the skills challenges get to go to Worlds, does that mean the College, High School and Middle School divisions are all lumped together to make the top 30, or will there be a separate top 30 for middle school?

  2. Will there be an updated listing somewhere online during the season so we can see what scores are winning the skills challenges around the world so we can know what is needed to make it in the top 30? (And develop a strategy)

  3. What happens if there is a multi-way tie at the #30 spot? We’ve been at matches where many teams got the same, high, skills scores.

It is the top 30 scorers combined in middle and high school competitions. Currently, there is no college skills challenge.

The listings will be maintained and visible online. Stay tuned for details.

If there is a tie for #30, we will use next-highest skills scores as a tie-breaker.

Go Middle Schoolers!

The Robot Events web site.

i realize this is not the thread the i should be asking on but what is this nonsense about high school middle school divisions
i didnt compete last year my freshman year but my 8th and 7th grade year i competed and we did really well and if we were in the middle school division i think this would have actually hindered us being put against weaker teams
sorry been wondering about this for a while and just saw someone reference it

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I don’t understand your question. Perhaps if you rephrased it?

what is this nonsense about highschool and middleschoool divisions

Starting in 2011 there are now separate divisions for middle school and high school teams at the VRC World Championship. Does this answer your question?