Skills Championships At Worlds

We are wondering what the format for skills will be at world’s. I can see on the schedule when they will be open, but what are the multiple rounds? do you have to have a certain level run to advance to the next round? Is it first come first serve or schedule a time? How many runs can we take per round? I have seen somewhere that we will have three runs, but is that total or per round? I should have paid more attention last year, be we weren’t in the running for it so we didn’t care to much.

Thank you!!!

You get six tries – three Robot and three Programming Skills per team. First come - first served. You cannot take more than two tries in each on Friday.

There are some special instructions you will receive when you check in. Here’s a hint-- the best time to do a skills run is right after lunch. The worst times are first thing in the morning and just before closing and lunch. Wednesday from four to seven is awesome - it is like your own secret skills time, but you do have to pass inspection first.

Try to relax. Your check in packet will have all the information you need. Just make sure you are rested and your robot is ready to run!