skills "click n drag" site or app?

Hey guys.
I’ve been thinking. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a touch/click and drag app or site that could let us drag objects across a field diagram and move them around. Even better. What if there was a timeline and similar to keynoting in adobe premiere, when you go to a time on the timeline and make a change, when you play through the timeline, the change will be made. You could, using this method, create a virtual skills run without doing anything difficult or time consuming. This could also help with planning autonomous. I know there. Are things like robot virtual worlds however this could also be a site/app you could use to better desciribe your autonomous to an ally.
Has anyone seen anything like this or even thought of designing one themselves? Does anyone like the idea?

This is a good idea but you could just use a PowerPoint software and have each task on a slide and move the shapes around inside of that. You just need keynote or PowerPoint.

A designated app for this would be pretty awesome though, at least for mobile/touchscreen