Skills Decisions

Hello everyone!

I have a question that I really find quite hard to answer regarding driving. Since my robot has the ability to score rings on a mobile goal, as well as elevate goals, I had considered this scenario.

Would it be smarter to elevate 3 neutral goals as well as the alliance goals with rings on them, with the risk of the platform being tipped and the time it would take to elevate said goals (I’m using a torque gear system in the 2-bar system.) This would keep the goals safe from other teams, because at my level, there aren’t many teams that can interfere with elevated goals.


Would I keep the goals in the corners of my alliance zone, with the rings on them, to try and save time?

putting goals on the platform is worth more points than leaving them on the field, and it also protects them from opponents, so yeah it’s definitely best to do that when you can. if you don’t have time to put the last few goals onto it, then you can’t, but if you can you should.


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