Skills Driver Control Question

I have a team that is working very hard on their programming skills. Is it possible for them to run their programming skills during the Driver portion of skills?

You can link your programming skills so that with a button press it will run the programming skills in driver.


Would it be legal to have it add the section of code under the driver control and run the sequence they wanted then started the forever loop that includes their driver control?

You can do whatever you want during driver skills, as long as it doesn’t break a game or robot rule

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You can just use a button to activate it

Since there is nothing explicitly stated in the game manual (Link to Game Manual) or the skills appendix (Link to Skills appendix ) against this, yes It would be legal assuming you do not break any other rules associated with the skills challenge.

When refereeing for skills at Sack Attack World’s, I did encounter a very good team that used their autonomous for the first few maneuvers because it did those faster and more reliably than their drivers could manage. (I think they won driver skills, but I cannot remember for sure.) It’s definitely a thing that can be done.

correct, that is the strategy one of our team does, it runs a short autonomous routine to score using preload and the low flags, and then control is handed over to the driver. You save up to a few seconds of reaction time at start of skills run.