Skills field setup question

Random skills field setup question - if there are 32 total balls, with 16 of each color, and 3 of the 4 preloads (only leaving 1 red) are not used… how can they have 15 blue balls in the preliminary setup? Shouldn’t there only be 14? Or am I mis-counting somewhere?

16 blue balls - 2 preloads not used = 14 blue balls

Game manual: Thirty-two (32) Balls
• Sixteen (16) Red Balls, including two (2) used as Preloads by the red Alliance
• Sixteen (16) Blue Balls, including two (2) used as Preloads by the blue Alliance

RSC1 Robots may start the Robot Skills Match per in either Home Zone with the Drive Team Members standing in the Alliance Station that corresponds with that Home Zone.
Note: The other three (3) Preloads are not used in a Robot Skills Match.

As far as I can see on the Skills AppendixB image:
2 in each for middle row = 6
3 in each for home row = 9
6 + 9 = 15

AppB: The playing field will have Field Elements setup exactly the same as a normal VEX Robotics Competition Change Up Match, however, the Balls will start as displayed below. [image]

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As you pointed the diagram says to have 15, so you should start it with 15 blue balls in the locations specified. There’s not really any other way to interpret the manual.

You can think of it as it not really being that the preload balls aren’t used in skills so much as the preload starting locations aren’t; i.e. no ball starts as a preload.