Skills for States and Global Lists

Hi, I have a question about skills spots for Worlds based on the State and Global lists.

For this question I’ll use an example. In the state of VA for VRC HS, we have 7 spots for worlds. Our last 2 spots after Excellence, Design, and Tournament champs would go to the 2 highest skills scores in the State.

Is my assumption correct that those 2 highest skills scores would be determined at the conclusion of the state championship? That is, after the state championship those last 2 spots should be awarded, and no skills scores posted by a VA Team after the event would affect those 2 at large skills spots, correct?

Furthermore, this would mean that all skills challenges posted by teams after a state championship are to affect only the global rankings, and not affect already awarded state skills spots?


Oscar M

The first thing that I must recommend is to contact your Regional Support Manager directly to verify your assumptions on how World Championship invitations will be earned. In summary, you are correct (barring any differences that might apply in this specific state). The two teams in this example would be the two highest ranked, non-qualified teams, from Virginia (as of the conclusion of the State Championship). Have a terrific week!