Skills match load discs

I’m planning on starting an independent team with me and one other friend.

However our current bot plan may include using a secondary controller to manually aim a turret (neither of us are very competent programmers, we can do basics, so not sure if we’ll can get automatic aim with GPS/vision/odometry).

However if there’s just 2 of us, in a skills run, the match loads have to be loaded in from the right alliance sides. (So 7 match loads either side) and if I’m the main driver and my friend is aiming the turret, then we wouldn’t have anyone who can run out and introduce the match loads for the other side.

Is it possible to ask someone from another team, or possibly an adult to help us introduce the match loads when I ask them to?

(This is only an issue if we can’t figure out an alternative, aka I drive and aim and teammate does match loads. Or we figure out auto aiming)

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I would recommend recruiting another member for your team. Having back up members in your organization will benefit you in the long run.

You may never use an adult in the drive team.

Also, your questions are answered in the Game Manual.


Another alternative is to design a robot to load match loads for you. It could be activated with a foot petal so you could keep your hands on the field. It would be a bit harder to do the far loader as well, but it theoretically could be done with a long cable. I know this is a hassle and I do recommend trying to find a teammate, doing something like this could be advantageous for 1 person teams.