Skills Only Tournament - Minimum #?

Hi all,

We are planning on hosting a SKILLS ONLY competition, but we only have 8 teams signed up at this moment. I’m wondering if anyone knows if there is a minimum number of teams a competition must have in order for the scores to be posted in the World Rankings?. I would hate to host a competition and then none of the scores count in the World Ranking.

Anyone know either way? Thanks.

16… minimum numver for any competition to be considered as “official”.

as far as i can tell its up to the state’s RECF rep

I would suggest contacting your region’s REC Foundation Regional Manager for guidance, or posting this question in the official VEX Worlds Q&A.

Thanks Karthik, I see that Oliver has beaten me to asking the question in the official Q&A already. In the meantime I will contact our REC Regional Manger.