Skills path

Hi, I am making this thread for everyone to share their skills paths that they have come up with, hoodbot and tray lift. Here is my first sketch. image


It might help if you identify how many balls are placed in each goal. We could probably guess and figure it out but according to your diagram you make a trip to the center tower 3 times and any one of those could be to deposit.


There are diffidently ways to improve it.

you’re going to want to fill the empty row with 3 balls each goal, and one ball per goal for the rest.


Yeah, it’s a bit confusing. Why did you go to the center goal three times rather than just one?


Here this might be a lot better plan. It is color coded and the black dots represents the amount of balls that go into each goal. Ask any questions.


Looks pretty nice! You might want to reupload it using Taran’s top-down field map though. :slight_smile:


Can you give me a link to the top view or something. I don’t know where to find that.

I would have done that before but that was the only image of the skills field I could find.

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Thanks that will be helpful.

Here is my now cleaner look at my route for skills. Please if you have any question or know a way to improve the run please tell me. image


Looks really good.

9MotorGang Thank you. I like your name. Very creative

this route seems to be quite effective. well thought out, appreciate this extensively

nware49 thank you. If you see anything that could improve please tell me because even though this is good it can always get better

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I have made a new skills path but I am not going to show it to the public because it is just so op


this is what i feel is the most effective way, and the way our team will be doing

I will do a cleaner version, but I hope that this is self explanetory


You’re gonna have to be able to hold 9 balls then lol. Good luck with that path though it seems like it’d be good for tray-lift type robots.


Where does it start I am confused and how many balls go in each