Skills Preloads

Are you allowed to use the other 3 ball preloads that your alliance partner and opponent would usually preload during a match, as “match loads” for your robot during driver and programming skills?

Good question. Also looks like the manual does not have the skills and vexu sections that are available in the hub app.

The skills info is in appendix b:

It mentions 1 ball for a preload a few times. Although it doesn’t seem to state where to place the remaining 3, it does show them as outside the field on the picture.

I interpreted it as being the same as when the three other robots don’t show up during a qualification match. In that case the ref is supposed to randomly place the preload in the empty starting square. I think, because that’s completely unreasonable to have to code around, I think they’ll probably place them in the middle of the tile, but I guess they might just leave them out entirely.

It would be really nice especially for programming skills to be able to load so you don’t have to deal with the movement of balls around the field.

Yes, but in previous manuals that was stated for no show teams. And for skills it told you where to put the extras.

And of course. I’m spoiled with the hub app!