Skills qualifying for worlds

So I under stand that the top thirty teams in world skills are qualified for worlds, but do the slots roll down the same way they do for most regional or state competitions? So If a robot has already qualified for worlds, is their slot passed on to the next team? So if the first place robot was already qualified for worlds not using skills then would the 31st team qualify for worlds in that skills category?
Edit: thanks!

This is a great question! The Skills Challenge Top 30 is totally separate from state/regional championship qualifying and doesn’t work in exactly the same way. The REC Foundation has committed to ensuring that the top 30 teams in programming skills and top 30 teams in robot skills receive an invitation to the 2016 VEX Worlds. Teams that receive invitations through online challenges or state/regional qualifying will not be replaced in the skills challenge top 30, therefore there is no guarantee that teams ranked below 30 will receive an invitation. I hope that this clarifies the process. Good luck!