Skills Ranking Part of Design Award Requirement?

Is skills ranking in a competition factored into who gets the design award?

I thought it was just based on notebook and presentation!
Cause yesterday my team lost design because our skills ranking was 1 point less than the team that won.
I talked to the judges too and apparently our notebook and presentation was by far better than every other team.
So i’m confused???

In VRC, Skills is not a factor in considering Design. It is a consideration for Excellence. You can consult the Judges guide to see how awards are to be processed.

I would recommend you contact your RECF Regional Support Manager for clarification of your situation.

Here is the Judges Guide

That does not sound right. They may need better for judge training in your area. Your RECF rep can help with that.

yeah no bueno

cries broke my regional win streak man…

It could be that the judge misspoke, when they said Design Award they could have actually meant Excellence Award. In case of Excellence Award your skills score would have been a factor.

This makes the most sense to me.