Skills Rankings

Soo how high do all of you think scores will raise for the lowest position in both Robot and Programing skills on the world ranking?

I expect the robot skills will be 70+ and programming skills will be 50+ to stay in the top 30.

I could see programming being a bit lower than that due to the bump rule and the lack of repositioning in the other colored tile.

Also, side note: the scores for Robot and Programming Skills were flipped from a tournament in Idaho, I’m fairly certain. Three of the top four scores right now are not correct.

The scores were raised?:confused::eek:

I sure do hope that my score of 45 that I got in my first tournament way back in August stays in the top 30. It’ll make me feel pretty proud to have a top 30 score that lasted the whole year.

What do you mean by the “bump rule?”

I think he means the fact that you cannot manually move your robot while it is touching the bump.

Right now im just hoping the upload my 75point Robot Skills score to the world rankings already.

yes, not being able to reposition when touching the bump.

Just wanted to let the community know that there was an event for which the scorekeeper accidentally entered the Programming Skills in the Robot Skills category, and vice versa. This has been corrected, and at least one other event that had issues uploading their skills scores has also been fixed.

WOW, our 60 pts programing skill is ranked number 1 again.

thank you.

When you can hold your own with driver skills in programming skills, you know you are good.

Now we can achieve 107 points in robot skill and 80 points in programming skill. I will upload the video of our 80 points programming run soon.

80 points programming skill will be secured for your championship spot. I am looking forward to your video.

Another issue just popped up.

As can be seen, the top few teams in programing skills are listed twice.
Just wanted to point this out.

This is now fixed. Thanks for reporting it.

Congrats on yet another world record!

What are you referring to when you say the “bump rule”? And, also expand on the re-positioning on “the other colored tile”. Can you start on one red tile, reposition as in the past and go have robot go over bump and reposition on the other red tile?

The bump rule is no repositioning if touching the bump. the rest is true.