Skills Rankings

you can only reposition on tiles of the same color that you started on.

Though there are higher world records that are just not reported…

I predict that the skills rankings for this year will be set pretty high, robot skills will be up to 100 and programming skills up to 60…


Yes, we won’t be surprised to see some 80ish scores out of that incredibly good middle school from China. Hopefully I will be feeling a bit better and be on my game for Berkner and my program will execute as it should and move us up to 3rd place. which we hope wont drop below 30th :wink:

At Greenville I was distracted by a family emergency and was too tired to even be there so I did not make sure the field was set up the way I needed it to be before my skills run. I do 2 gyro resets during my programming skills, and I kept having bucky balls get between my robot and the wall knocking me off by about 30 degrees when the gyros reset. The bucky balls that messed me up where pre-loads that could have been placed out of the way and still been in legal positions. If all goes well we should see around 56 points at Berkner, and then our mentor said we could reposition if we start to fall out of the top 30.

Actually, in a Q&A Karthik said you can only reposition your robot on the specific tile it started on, so prevent teams from half-driving/half-repositioning over the bump.

The middle school teams from China are pretty good this year… like every year. :smiley: Expect them to set the bar higher soon…

Where is that Q&A?

According to the Programming Skills Manual:

What that tells me is that if I start on Red, I can re position on any Red tile. Am I totally missing something here? Have I gone stupid?

No that’s how I’ve interpreted that rule too…

Honestly with so many teams coming up, I’d say upper 70s (75+) for driver skills, and 50+ for autonomous.

Apologies, I was thinking of this thread.

You can only reposition on one tile at a time, however if the robot is touching both tiles, it doesn’t matter which tile you pull it onto.

I do not think you are understanding Karthik’s post :smiley: Here is what he said.