Skills robot

So looking back, I think the perfect robot to get to state is a skills robot, there is multiple variations but the general idea is a robot with a fast drive and fast reload time that shoots from blue tile to red net, with no intake system that scores awesome in skills and fails at qualifying matches. My personal favorite variation is a robot with 2 single flywheels with three or four motors each that has a 15:1 or 20:1 gear ratio that shoots exclusively driver loads at a super high fire rate then drives to the other tile and shoots that color’s driver loads. The drive train would have whatever motors the launcher does not use, (4-6) with a 3:1 gear ratio on the tires at least, probably 5:1 scores 200 points at least in skills (only a ~71% accuracy). a score that will qualify you for state easily and maybe worlds if you score a 220 or above (only a ~78% accuracy). Again there is other variations that might be even more effective and this robot would suck at matches but my point is that this type of robot is somewhat simple to build (DEFINITELY easier then the average state/world qualifying robot), and gives the team a straight shot to states if not worlds. If I have any flaws in my logic please share but this seems to me like a HUGE flaw in the competition that should not be replicated.
PS I am not trying to insult any team that used this strategy

I agree with you, I find it would be much easier to win skills. You do not have to lean on an alliance party to help you instead of hindering you, then come alliance, it gets complicated say your the second seed playing a really stacked 1st in the finals your odds aren’t that great. Skills you can strategize beforehand and if you make a mistake you have 2 other chances to succeed.

I think that elastic shooters are better skills robots than flywheels due to their high level of accuracy.

Elastic Shooters cannot manage a consistent high bpm, some flywheel launchers can have margins near ~95% while still launching faster

I disagree my lp(elastic shooter) scored 234 and is was very accurate the only balls. Missed came from my loading error
Ps I didn’t build my robot for skills and it shots a ball every .75 sec

Although elastic shooters have advantages, a flywheel can output a minimum 0.50 reload time. A flywheel can be just as accurate, if not even more. My team’s flywheel has a near perfect accuracy while being able to output 3 bpm 0.33 reload times

@OP of thread

I do not feel that a robot specialized for skills is necessary
My team managed to get 329 score with a robot that had skills as an afterthought. I feel that a robot that has certain features on it for skills (speed intake and lift, preload feed channel) will only have a slight advantage

You are definitely correct for teams that really know what they are doing but only the top 40 teams in the world rankings right now can score over 200 points and the average team can build this type of robot…

I guess it is the small changes that you make to your robot that make the biggest differences

If you mean bpm as in balls per minute, 3 bpm is very slow. That’s 1 ball every 20 seconds…

Whoops! I meant 3 balls per SECOND

I presume you are doing full court shooting?
If yes, then it is very very impressive… 0.33s recovery time + high accuracy.

Yes, 6 motor flywheel recovers very quickly

But I think the high accuracy part is difficult to achieve… esp with such a short recovery time.
Great job!