Skills Score Max Run

I have seen a few mentions of ‘someone has maxed out skills’ already, but have not seen video of this. Can anyone point me in the correct direction?

  1. This was for VRC, you have your thread marked as IQ and a Max skills run has not happened for IQ yet.
  2. at the end of this video is where you will find the max skills run.

I did some calculations for the maxed skills score witch could be 75 points for Vex Iq Rising above

The max score for skills in Rise Above is actually 306.
3 completed rows is 9
9 completed stacks is 270
27 scored Risers is 27
9 + 27 + 270 = 306.

I’ve already even got a 102 in driver skills. Reveal video coming soon.


I am aware this is in IQ, I have seen someone reference that there is a max score before showing themselves score a 108 in Rise Above. I am aware of the max score video in VRC, but is not what I was looking for.

I know this thread is months old, but to clarify your question, like Noah10851B said, the max score is 306. I can get 210 points in Driver Skills (141 in Teamwork), so the max score is definitely not 108.

Skills max score is the same as teamwork max score.


Thank you. I am very aware of the max score. The OP was referencing someone claiming that “skills has already been maxed out” and me asking for a video of that. The video previously linked was of ‘only’ a 108, which was clearly not a max score.

I believe that someone may have mistaken this forum as a VRC location when talking about the skills already being maxed out. If someone can place 27 risers, I want to see it on video!


I think you’re using a somewhat bad choice of vocabulary here. Perhaps difficult would be a better alternative (because yes, it is very much possible).


define “best gear combo”

I mean like the gear combo that would make the robot fastest.

and how would you define that? are you accounting for acceleration? the losses due to friction that you get for adding gears to increase or decrease the ratio? or what about the fact that MA can approach 0 if you have a long enough compound gear train (thereby allowing the maximum rpm of the wheel to approach infinity, not accounting for inertia or friction or a bunch of other fun factors), not to mention the fact that as you add more power into the drive system (tons of ways to do this while roughly maintaining the power available for other systems [research differentials if you’re curious]), that “best” gear combo will change yet again

most of what i just said was impractical, but i hope it serves to show that impossibilities can always be met with numerous solutions that may previously have been unthought of as information changes

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I think that @YumYumCheesy11 means that it depends on the robot. Different robots can cross the field in different amounts of time. I think that it was just a crude assertion, not a well thought out argument. I think that this field will get maxed out much in the same way as Next Level, not until the higher levels of play, and maybe not even in Skills. Definitely not as bad as Bank Shot. I agree with you that there are so many not thought of designs, and that info will change as new designs come out. So far, I’ve seen that the average robot (that I build) crosses the field in ~3 to ~4 seconds.

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